7 continents, 17 countries, 200+ popular websites, 10 custom webs, banks/news/stores, My Mail, My Notes, My Desktop,
speech engine, speech recognition engine, musical and historical information, invisible interface when hiding, research friendly,
video downloader access, personal data reference & multiple web launchers, specially designed for touch screen and is a
perfect match with the
Microsoft Surface tablet.              windows XP/7/8/10
This software is offered as completely free, with no ads, pop-ups, unwanted programs, unsolicited launches, gimmicks.
Download videos(wmv) and play:
version 1.2.0
Steven J Toce is a verified Microsoft publisher from Tolland, CT, USA. All rights reserved.
17 countries
200+ websites
7 continents
version        planned for        features/changes/revisions

v1.1.4          DONE                new look / new icon / categories (banks, news, stores)  /  excellent speech recognition accuracy
v1.1.5          DONE                easier MyMail setup      

v1.1.6          DONE                improved startup and video player
.0          DONE                download from c|net and softpedia  by Thursday 2/25  /  more  category content USA banks/news/stores
My 10 Custom Webs
Banks / News / Stores
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Contact Me - support@goworld-go.com
*** Additional content will be added depending on interest by country and category. ***
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